Juice Bar

Boost your health, energy level and overall nutrition at the New York Fitness Club’s Juice Bar, powered by DrinkFit!

Our full-service juice bars can be found at each of our gyms in Palmyra, Lebanon and Elizabethtown. For before, during or after your workout, our juice bars have a vast menu of nutritional products, shakes and drinks to help your body rejuvenate, replenish and maximize the benefits of your fitness program. Choose from protein shakes, energy boosting protein bars, focused nutritional supplements and more.

Better workouts, better results

Replenishing your body after a workout is critical. Most people don’t know or understand that you have a magical half-hour window after a workout to get protein back in your system. If you don’t have a predigestive protein shake or smoothie that hits your system right away, your body won’t get the full benefit of protein replenishment that helps restore your muscles, and the effectiveness the workout you just completed diminishes. We have shakes with glutamine for sore muscles, multi-vitamins for overall nutrition and all natural energy shots that help with mental focus, among many other options.